How To Care For Your Ceramics

The care for your handmade ceramics goes a long way.

They are designed for durability with food-safe glazes. Handmade ceramics are intentionally made to enjoy everyday home and dining experiences.

Ceramics of various forms and functionality are made from clay, shaped when wet and hardened by high temperature firing. Some of the popular kinds of ceramics include earthenware, stoneware, porcelain and bone china. They do have their distinct characteristics but generally, caring for them are similar across. 

How to care for your ceramics for long use

One of the most common causes of damage to handmade ceramics is careless handling. Although they are promised to be durable, a few care practices could help in their longevity.


Indeed, the good ones are often said to be microwave and dishwasher safe - and you really can. 

It is highly recommended that you use the lightest dishwasher setting, along with gentle dishwasher detergents. This helps to keep your ceramics in fine conditions.

Even when you choose to wash by hand, do use a softer scrub and gentler dish soap. Avoid the metal sponges!

And always, allow the handmade ceramics to completely dry before storing. 


Doesn’t mean it’s highly durable, it is not susceptible to breaking due to prolonged, repeated little carelessness. 

Quality handmade ceramics are assured to handle both hot and cold temperatures. Still, it will most definitely crack (or break) when quickly placed from one extreme temperature to another. A great example will be taking it directly from the freezer and putting it straight into a hot oven.

Handmade ceramics need a little more tenderness, love and care. Give it some time to regulate to normal temperature before transferring to the other location.

It is also important that you avoid putting the ceramics over an open flame, or directly over your cooktop. 


One should be able to store ceramics in cabinets and leave them on display on the tables easily. Similarly, be careful when placing them in storage. Prolonged, hard impact will cause damage eventually. 

Remember to avoid stacking too much in a single column as it puts too much pressure on the ceramics at the bottom. 


The potter and you, the owners of handmade ceramics, have one thing in common: the appreciation for the art. 

How to care for handmade ceramics | Sticky Earth Ceramics SG

In Wabi Sabi philosophy, it is part of practicing mindfulness in the things that you love. To bring attention to the conditions of your ceramics from time to time, exercising the proper handling tips that are recommended. 

What we have shared are simple things that you can easily apply. With proper care, we are sure that your handmade ceramics can last you for a lifetime. 

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