Contribution is a mindset that enables us to devote part of our lives to helping others. It’s not about how much you contribute. It’s the value you create.

Acts of kindness go a long way towards giving back to the community. Give back to society in the way it fits with your ideas and lifestyles.

Sticky Earth Ceramics has a belief to see our everyday products with more meaning and value. And we'd like to promote that belief to life as well. We see ourselves as a vehicle to promote the greater good. 

Yemen Crisis Donation

Part of sales will be donated to the fund raised to help with the crisis in Yemen. 

Millions of people in Yemen are facing displacement, diseases, and economic decline due to an unfortunate, ongoing armed conflict that had gone on for years. It is in an even more serious state now with the Covid'19. They are in dire need of humanitarian aid to survive.

$5 from your purchase will be donated to this cause.

We believe in the power of unity. And collectively, we can amplify a louder voice for bigger purposes, such as this. 

To find out more information or if you'd like to donate more, you can head down to Islamic Relief Worldwide.