Milestone: Sticky Earth's First Pop Up In Singapore 2022

Physical connection always has a way to one’s heart. For one to truly understand and connect with a potter’s craft, she should be able to feel and touch the ceramics herself. 

After a year and a half being present in Singapore, we decided to hold a pop-up of our own!

Sticky Earth Ceramics first physical pop up in Singapore

Sticky Earth’s first Singapore pop-up was located at Curbside Crafters, a place known to hold pop-ups all year round. 

Snugly at the corner of the second level, was our booth. The ceramics lay down on a table that was intentionally decorated in muted, earthy colours, very much in line with the wabi sabi decor. 

More than just a touch and feel experience, the pop up allowed everyone to visually see how these ceramics could be a part of their homes.

Physically Connecting with Handmade Ceramics in pop up | Sticky Earth Ceramics Singapore

We were excited to share the beauty of wabi sabi philosophy and glad to converse with many who stopped by our booth. We were humbled to have met customers (and onlookers alike) who appreciate the delicate craftwork of handmade ceramics. 

The other brands who showcased their work that weekend were warm and friendly, making our time there even more enjoyable.

And we guess it would not be the only pop-up for the year. Keep a lookout for the next one!

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