Creamy White Speckled Stoneware Bowl


This handmade speckled bowl collection has a warm, smooth tone of creamy white. It is then met with the natural rough textures at the bottom.

Its simplistic combination that can easily be a statement piece on your dining table.

An elegant piece that can compliment easily to your home's interior design. And most importantly, to enhance the look of your food to look deliciously pleasing.

Microwave-safe and dishwasher safe. The bowls are available in 3 sizes.

For size estimation:

  • The small bowl is good for a serving of rice or dessert.
  • The medium bowl is ideal for rice, noodles or cereals.
  • The large bowl makes a good centrepiece, great to display fruits, breads and party salads.



  S M L
HEIGHT: 5cm 7cm 10cm
LENGTH: 11cm 15cm 20cm
WIDTH: 11cm 15cm 20cm

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